Telepsychology Services

Use of remote online professional services with a psychologist is referred to as "telepsychology."  Depending on your needs and circumstances, telepsychological services may be an option.  Ultimately, the psychologist will determine whether it is a viable or recommended option in your case.  If you have interest in using telepsychology, please review the information below to get a better understanding of how this is done and what is required.

Dr. Geiser currently conducts online videotherapy sessions via two online platforms -- Session Sync and 

SESSION SYNC:  To use the Session Sync platform,  go to and search for Dr. Geiser.  The website will direct you how to schedule a session and Dr. Geiser will contact you to confirm the appointment. The Session Sync website is recommended as the primary choice to schedule a session for which you are not using insurance. will be used for all patients using insurance.   Currently, Dr. Geiser is accepting only Medicare (NOT Advantage plans through private insurers) and Champus-Tricare.  Contact Dr. Geiser directly at his telephone number or email to arrange an appointment if you plan to use Medicare or Tricare insurance. 

What are the basics of a telepsychology session?
First, you make an appointment, just as you do when you come into the office.  Session Sync will take you through all the necessary procedures, when you book a session.  In the case of, Dr. Geiser will send you an email or text message with a link to the website prior to the scheduled session. is HIPPA compliant and encrypted to protect your privacy.  Once you enter the website, you will follow the steps below.  Usually, you will be sent an email.  If you are using a mobile phone, you can elect to receive a text message.

     * If you receive an email, click on the link to Dr. Geiser's meeting room or paste the link in the address bar.  A passcode may also be given in the email.  You will be
        asked to enter your first name.  You will then enter the passcode, if necessary. In a few moments, you should be in the virtual "waiting room." You will see your image in the
        upper right corner of your screen if your camera is working properly.  Dr. Geiser will then open the session with you as soon as he is ready.

     * If you receive a text message, simply tap on the link and it will open the website. After that, enter your name and passcode to check in, as described above.
  Once you
        both see and hear each other, the session begins!  Just interact as you would when you meet in the same room.

What devices and programs do I need to have a telepsychology session?
Plan to conduct your telepsychology session with a device that has a screen large enough to see images clearly.  You should plan to use one of the following:

     * A desktop computer with webcam and microphone
     * A laptop (which usually has a built-in webcam)
     * A tablet, such as an iPad
     * A smartphone
Desktop computers with webcam/microphone and laptops usually work best.  When using an iPhone or Android, there is more risk of interference and disconnection.  Even so, image quality and sound may vary more when using smart phones.  Any handling of the phone may inadvertently disrupt the communication by turning off the camera or the sound, or by opening up another app.  All background running apps and notifications should be turned off prior to the session, when you are using a mobile phone.

Your device can use either Apple or Windows operating systems. works best with either Google Chrome or Firefox web browsers.

Preparing your location 
Set up your device in a location that will be free of distraction and allow you to speak privately during the entire session.  Let others in your household know that you are not to be interrupted.  Alternatively, schedule the session during a time when nobody else will be around.  Also, do your best to make sure that pets will not be a bother or interrupt the session. Take care of whatever they may need before the session begins. Pets who might be a distraction should be kept out of the room or secured elsewhere, to the extent possible.  Have a notebook and pen next to you so that you can take notes, if you wantTry to be prompt.  Be ready a few minutes before your scheduled session.  Sometimes, Dr. Geiser will contact you by phone or by text with additional instructions before the session. 

Preparing your device
Be sure that your camera and microphone are turned on.  Check to be sure you audio volume is sufficient to hear other audio sources well, such as a YouTube or a News video.  Before you check in to your session,  be sure that any other video-conferencing apps, such as Zoom, Skype, or Facetime, are turned off.  Also turn off regular notifications or alerts that might interrupt the session.  If necessary, get help from somebody who knows how to turn off such programs and notifications. 

Technical Problems
You may occasionally notice lapses or delays in audio or picture "freezing," or complete audio or video disruption.  Such problems are more likely to occur with smart phones or if the WiFi signal is weak.  Such audio or video glitches are a nuisance, but they usually don't last long.  If audio or video problems persist and interfere with communication, Dr. Geiser may need to "refresh" the session, causing a brief delay, or take other steps to improve session quality.  Rarely is it necessary to end the session and re-start, but this usually resolves the problems.  In the worst case, Dr. Geiser will call you to complete the session via phone (just audio).  If possible, Dr. Geiser will add on  time for any therapy time lost during the resolution of such technical problems, but he will not add on time if you were late logging into the session.





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